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R108 - Rhino Excluders® Raccoon One Way Door

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ABS Plastic body | Light weight | 10” x 8” x 1”

Are you tired of dealing with persistent raccoon intrusions? Say goodbye to those frustrating encounters with our innovative R108 Raccoon One Way Door. Designed by Rhino Excluders, this cutting-edge solution is your key to efficient and humane raccoon control.

Our One Way Door for raccoons is expertly crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. It features a sleek and functional design that effectively allows raccoons to exit your property while preventing re-entry. This means you can finally bid farewell to those late-night disturbances and potential damage caused by raccoons seeking shelter or food.

Installing the One Way Door is a breeze. Simply attach it to the desired entry point, such as vents, soffits, chimneys, or other openings where raccoons tend to infiltrate. The intelligent one-way design ensures that raccoons can easily leave but won't be able to find their way back in. It's a hassle-free solution that promotes a harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

Rest assured, our One Way Door for raccoons prioritizes the well-being of both you and the raccoons. It offers a humane approach to wildlife control, allowing these curious creatures to exit your premises without causing harm. By implementing this environmentally friendly solution, you can protect your property while preserving the natural balance of your surroundings.

R108 Rhino Excluders® Raccoon One Way Door is the most innovative raccoon excluder device on the market. It is used by professional wildlife/pest control companies and DIY enthusiasts. This product is perfect for getting multiple raccoons out of attics, soffits, chimneys and under decks without having to come in contact with the animal.

R108 model is designed to allow raccoons exit with ease and prevents them from getting back in. Installation made simple with 6 holes for secure fastening. Recommended: Use 16 gauge galvanized steel (1" x 1") mesh to cover the damaged area and install the one way door over the hole, over the mesh using zip ties.

Size: 10" x 8" x 1"

Weight: 1 lbs


Benefits Of Using R108 One Way Door

    • Humane Removal (No Stress On Raccoons)
    • No Contact With Raccoons
    • Allows Multiple Raccoons To Exit (No Limit)
    • Quick Eviction Process (24 to 72 hours)
    • Can Be Installed Any Position